My name is Hackman Adams. A working man, but not your usual working man. What am I saying exactly? It is my life. I consider myself a Jack of all trades. Yep.. born and bred in down under Australia by my awesome parents. When I mean I am a Jack of all trades… I literally mean it. Hence why I created this blog. Read on and you will what I m talking about….

This blog celebrates my life. Simple but varied. You see… throughout my 25 years or so experience in working. I have held many positions. To many people these days, I think they call it “job-hopping”. Call what you want. There is only one Jack of all trades… his name is Hackman Adams.

In this blog of mine, I share some of the jobs that I was hired for and was involved in. In the hope that if I can do this, those who’d like some variety in their life – they too, can do this!

Without further a do. Please go ahead and bookmark my blog – so you can come back and check out my new posts.