So what does liposuction has to do with my blog? Well, let me explain…. in the shortest possible way. Back in my high school days, I had a friend who was very ambitious and determined to be successful in anything he does. One of his inspiration is to become a cosmetic surgeon. Back then, no one took him seriously and thought it was all a big fat joke. Well, I was one of those people too. Not because I wanted to put him down about it, but rather we were all very young and how the heck are we suppose to know what we wanted or will be doing a good 10-15 years from now. Everything changed when I bumped into him last week at the shops.

Firstly, I didn’t want to disclose his name here. So let’s just say his name is Joe (not his real name!). As mentioned earlier, I bumped into Joe at the shops sometime last week. As you do, I asked him what is he up to nowadays. And to my surprise he is now a cosmetic surgeon doing all sorts of procedures. It included stuff like liposuction,  tummy tuck, breast augmentation such as breast implants etc etc. In particular he was a liposuction specialist in Perth, by the way check out his website at www.liposuctionperthcity.com.au I congratulated him on his achievements and queried how much would a procedure like the liposuction cost? Because I’ve always heard about this fat removal surgery in the media, but never quite understood the procedure; let alone the price to get liposuction done. Joe briefly explained the a to z of the procedure (as if I am getting it done myself!) and said educating the patient about the procedure is a must. It tells them the benefit and the risks associated with a procedure; helping them make an informed decision.

All in all, I was impressed with Joe and the fact that he is realising his dream. The goals he set ages ago (back in high school) were smashed out of the park. Anyways, Joe’s clinic is now a household name in his local area. So that is how a post about liposuction made its entry to my blog! Perhaps I need to set new goals? Any comments from my readers?

liposuction pic1


It has been a while since I last posted on this blog of mine. If some of you might remember, I told a quick story of my early working days as a storage specialist. Well, this post that I am writing is also about storage. But this time it’s for another storage facility in Perth called Crusader Storage, go check out their website at http://crusaderstorage.com.au if you want some background on what they’re all about.

Why am I writing yet another post about storage facilities, well let me explain. The last time when I published a post on this blog, I wrote about my past working experience as a storage guy; where I contacted another company to borrow their actual work photos to illustrate my story. Well… the thing is, another storage facility company saw it and contacted me personally to see if I can feature them as well on this very blog. Being me, of course I said why not?

You might ask, what was in it for me to feature another storage company on my website? Well make no mistake about it, I get some sort of awesome incentives such as casual work with the mentioned company above. I may also get some sort of discounts. Well, I really hope I do get the discounts. I men, who doesn’t like freebies.. right?

So here is some spill about Crusader Storage:

  • the company was established more than 5 years ago, so they are experienced in what they do
  • Crusader storage is very well equipped with the latest and modern tools to make the job faster and of high quality
  • they also offer removal services for your home removals or office relocation
  • affordable monthly storage fees, when compared to other big facilities within the Perth metropolitan area
  • they offer easy access to your stored items, in fact you get 24 hours access
  • top notch and secured facility with several security cameras to protect your valuable belongings.
  • centrally located workshop to make it a lot easier for you (the customers) to get to without ever feeling lost and clueless
  • only top and experienced staff are employed; in fact only people with more than three years experience in the removal and storage industry are even considered. Talk about hard getting into the industry, but at least you can be very sure that only the top staff are looking after your stuff

Well, I think I gave enough spill about Crusader Storage. Hahaha. But that’s ok because overall I am getting a good deal out of it. I mean, who would knock back a deal this good?

After moving into Perth, I have realised how the small business community here support each other in so many different ways. This is just one example where you’d think a business owner will never publish a post about themselves straight after their competitor. But instead they did and they didn’t even mind it.

After all, small business do contribute back to their community such as providing a service or providing employment. This fits in nicely with the theme of my blog.. which is a timeline of my worklife.


One of my first job is at a storage warehouse. as the title says: I am technically a storage specialist expert.Don’t laugh at me, it is a true story. This was about more than 20 years ago when I was living over east somewhere in New South Wales, now I am living in Perth WA. To many, it doesn’t look like there’s much when dealing with storage services. Well, technically there isn’t. But being me, I’d like to make it more interesting (so we can make a story about it) Hahhaa. Think I’m joking about it? Nah mate. I am dead serious.

If you’re still reading about this, then you’re probably thinking what the heck is actually involved in a storage service facility. What actually happens? Well you’re in for a treat. I am pulling back the curtain and reveal all. Well, as much as I can possibly can and know. To help with my story, I am including some pictures on this post to help better tell my story. Because I don’t work for a storage facility anymore, I decided to contact a storage company in Perth. After asking around one company decide to help me out. So because of this, I’d like to give a shout at to the guys at Storage Perth WA. If you’d like to know more about them, simply go to the website at StoragePerthWA.com.au and I urge you to support them as they have kindly donated the pictures on this page.

So if you’re interested to learn the process of storing belongings, then here it is:

Step 1: Contact


With any other service based businesses, in fact any business for that matter. The first step is to initiate the contact. this is typically done by the potential customer directly calling the storage company or by an email submit form.

Step2: Requirements

Storage modules

Once communication has been established, the next step is for the customer to let the storage company know about what exactly they need to store. This is to ascertain the volume of space required and also if there are any special requirements that needs to be attended to. To the customer, when speaking volume metrics such as “cubic meters”.. most have no visualisation on how big the space is. Instead, the storage company will ask the customer to give the details of the items requiring storage.

Step 3: Special storage requirements (additional)

removals truck for storage

Most people will say that each job is different. And this is so true in so many ways. At work, to become efficient, you’d need some sort of predictability of what is required or what about to happen. That way, you can be better prepared for a job. For example, using an invoice template. Statistics show that you are likely to close a sale the quicker you reply to a client’s query. But most times, you can’t avoid certain things that pop up. For example items that needs to be stored in a certain temperature and humidity condition. So it is very important to ask the customers if there is any special requirements when storing their belongings.

Step 4: Delivery and finally.. storage!

One you’ve got all the info, then there final step is.. you’ve guessed it. Store it! Sometimes, the customers require the service of a removalists to help them relocate the items. Hence why most storage facilities also provide a removals service.

There you go, a quick spill on what is involved in storing an item. ‘Til next time!


Hackman.. this is your life. And I ain’t lying about it. After procrastinating for a while, I’ve decided to do it. Even at my age, the raise of technology does not bother me. I embrace it. This is my blog, my life and a journey through my worklife. If you know me, you will know that I am a self confessed Jack of all trades. I have worked for many, many local businesses in Perth and even in regional areas.

I tend to jump from work to work. Changing jobs on a regular basis. Not less than one job a year. It is something that I have talked myself into. Some may cringe at my constant change from one employer to another employer. But whatever your opinion is, at least I can share you my extensive experience throughout my worklife (to current). that way you get an insight of my life through a magnifying glass.

So stay tuned for my future posts.