What Liposuction?


So what does liposuction has to do with my blog? Well, let me explain…. in the shortest possible way. Back in my high school days, I had a friend who was very ambitious and determined to be successful in anything he does. One of his inspiration is to become a cosmetic surgeon. Back then, no one took him seriously and thought it was all a big fat joke. Well, I was one of those people too. Not because I wanted to put him down about it, but rather we were all very young and how the heck are we suppose to know what we wanted or will be doing a good 10-15 years from now. Everything changed when I bumped into him last week at the shops.

Firstly, I didn’t want to disclose his name here. So let’s just say his name is Joe (not his real name!). As mentioned earlier, I bumped into Joe at the shops sometime last week. As you do, I asked him what is he up to nowadays. And to my surprise he is now a cosmetic surgeon doing all sorts of procedures. It included stuff like liposuction,  tummy tuck, breast augmentation such as breast implants etc etc. In particular he was a liposuction specialist in Perth, by the way check out his website at www.liposuctionperthcity.com.au I congratulated him on his achievements and queried how much would a procedure like the liposuction cost? Because I’ve always heard about this fat removal surgery in the media, but never quite understood the procedure; let alone the price to get liposuction done. Joe briefly explained the a to z of the procedure (as if I am getting it done myself!) and said educating the patient about the procedure is a must. It tells them the benefit and the risks associated with a procedure; helping them make an informed decision.

All in all, I was impressed with Joe and the fact that he is realising his dream. The goals he set ages ago (back in high school) were smashed out of the park. Anyways, Joe’s clinic is now a household name in his local area. So that is how a post about liposuction made its entry to my blog! Perhaps I need to set new goals? Any comments from my readers?

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