Shout Out to Crusader Storage


It has been a while since I last posted on this blog of mine. If some of you might remember, I told a quick story of my early working days as a storage specialist. Well, this post that I am writing is also about storage. But this time it’s for another storage facility in Perth called Crusader Storage, go check out their website if you want some background on what they’re all about.

Why am I writing yet another post about storage facilities, well let me explain. The last time when I published a post on this blog, I wrote about my past working experience as a storage guy; where I contacted another company to borrow their actual work photos to illustrate my story. Well… the thing is, another storage facility company saw it and contacted me personally to see if I can feature them as well on this very blog. Being me, of course I said why not?

You might ask, what was in it for me to feature another storage company on my website? Well make no mistake about it, I get some sort of awesome incentives such as casual work with the mentioned company above. I may also get some sort of discounts. Well, I really hope I do get the discounts. I men, who doesn’t like freebies.. right?

So here is some spill about Crusader Storage:

  • the company was established more than 5 years ago, so they are experienced in what they do
  • Crusader storage is very well equipped with the latest and modern tools to make the job faster and of high quality
  • they also offer removal services for your home removals or office relocation
  • affordable monthly storage fees, when compared to other big facilities within the Perth metropolitan area
  • they offer easy access to your stored items, in fact you get 24 hours access
  • top notch and secured facility with several security cameras to protect your valuable belongings.
  • centrally located workshop to make it a lot easier for you (the customers) to get to without ever feeling lost and clueless
  • only top and experienced staff are employed; in fact only people with more than three years experience in the removal and storage industry are even considered. Talk about hard getting into the industry, but at least you can be very sure that only the top staff are looking after your stuff

Well, I think I gave enough spill about Crusader Storage. Hahaha. But that’s ok because overall I am getting a good deal out of it. I mean, who would knock back a deal this good?

After moving into Perth, I have realised how the small business community here support each other in so many different ways. This is just one example where you’d think a business owner will never publish a post about themselves straight after their competitor. But instead they did and they didn’t even mind it.

After all, small business do contribute back to their community such as providing a service or providing employment. This fits in nicely with the theme of my blog.. which is a timeline of my worklife.

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