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One of my first job is at a storage warehouse. as the title says: I am technically a storage specialist expert.Don’t laugh at me, it is a true story. This was about more than 20 years ago when I was living over east somewhere in New South Wales, now I am living in Perth WA. To many, it doesn’t look like there’s much when dealing with storage services. Well, technically there isn’t. But being me, I’d like to make it more interesting (so we can make a story about it) Hahhaa. Think I’m joking about it? Nah mate. I am dead serious.

If you’re still reading about this, then you’re probably thinking what the heck is actually involved in a storage service facility. What actually happens? Well you’re in for a treat. I am pulling back the curtain and reveal all. Well, as much as I can possibly can and know. To help with my story, I am including some pictures on this post to help better tell my story. Because I don’t work for a storage facility anymore, I decided to contact a storage company in Perth. After asking around one company decide to help me out. So because of this, I’d like to give a shout at to the guys at Storage Perth WA. If you’d like to know more about them, simply go to their website and I urge you to support them as they have kindly donated the pictures on this page.

So if you’re interested to learn the process of storing belongings, then here it is:

Step 1: Contact


With any other service based businesses, in fact any business for that matter. The first step is to initiate the contact. this is typically done by the potential customer directly calling the storage company or by an email submit form.

Step2: Requirements

Storage modules

Once communication has been established, the next step is for the customer to let the storage company know about what exactly they need to store. This is to ascertain the volume of space required and also if there are any special requirements that needs to be attended to. To the customer, when speaking volume metrics such as “cubic meters”.. most have no visualisation on how big the space is. Instead, the storage company will ask the customer to give the details of the items requiring storage.

Step 3: Special storage requirements (additional)

removals truck for storage

Most people will say that each job is different. And this is so true in so many ways. At work, to become efficient, you’d need some sort of predictability of what is required or what about to happen. That way, you can be better prepared for a job. For example, using an invoice template. Statistics show that you are likely to close a sale the quicker you reply to a client’s query. But most times, you can’t avoid certain things that pop up. For example items that needs to be stored in a certain temperature and humidity condition. So it is very important to ask the customers if there is any special requirements when storing their belongings.

Step 4: Delivery and finally.. storage!

One you’ve got all the info, then there final step is.. you’ve guessed it. Store it! Sometimes, the customers require the service of a removalists to help them relocate the items. Hence why most storage facilities also provide a removals service.

There you go, a quick spill on what is involved in storing an item. ‘Til next time!

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